Dear Summer Rock Camp Registrants:

Governor Lujan-Grisham has announced Phase 1 orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic to include the allowance of summer programs for children. 

The Candyman has made the decision to proceed with Summer Rock Camp with extreme caution, abiding by and exceeding precautions as outlined by the Phase 1 protocols as follows:  


We will not be able to provide refunds after a camp session begins. There are many things to consider and implement in order to make it as safe as possible for all campers and instructors involved. These changes will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Sessions will include one band in the morning (9:00-1:00) and one-two bands in the afternoon (2:00-6:00) rather than two in the morning and afternoon. 

  • Only the large ensemble studios will be utilized to allow for social distancing. 

  • Disinfecting protocols will be practiced and staff/instructors will be trained according to CDC guidelines. 

  • Participants will be provided training according to CDC COVID-19 practices at the start of camp and reminded several times throughout each day. (Instructors will be trained on careful observation and adherence.)

  • Ample hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, and disinfectants will be available for use. 

  • There will be no more than five kids per band with one instructor (there will be no band mentors and no exchanging of instructors).

  • Participants will have limited or no interaction with staff members (other than walking through common areas to get to and from the studio).

  • Participants will be required to use one designated office bathroom in which disinfecting measures will be implemented after each use. 

  • Each participant, including vocalists, will be required to wear a mask during rehearsals. 

  • All participants must be in good health during the entirety of camp. Anyone showing symptoms (cough, fever, etc.) will not be allowed to participate. 

  • All instructors must be in good health during the entirety of camp.

  • We ask that any child who has been in contact with someone in their home who may be ill, refrain from attending camp. (In this scenario, the participant might be able to continue to participate in rehearsals through a video chat format.)

  • All students must bring their own instruments (vocal mics, guitars, etc. We will provide drums and keys and will disenfect them after each use.)

  • All surfaces and equipment in the studio will be sanitized after each rehearsal and between each use by different participants. This includes, but is not limited to: 

    • Knobs and buttons on amps and other electronic equipment 

    • Keyboards 

    • Drums

    • Tables

    • Doorknobs

    • Dry Erase Markers


There are certain aspects of camp that, unfortunately, will not/might not be able to be offered during the 2020 season. 

  • Pizza and Ice Cream Fridays / Snack Bar. All participants will be required to bring their own lunch and snacks that will not require refrigeration (the microwave will be allowed to be used, and a an FDA approved disinfectant will be available for disinfecting between uses. 

  • Recording Studio – We are currently in talks with the recording studios to determine whether or not we will be able to include them in the camp offerings. If we are not able to attend the recording studios safely and according to CDC guidelines, we will record the band albums at The Candyman. 

  • Radio Station - We are currently in talks with Hutton Broadcasting to determine how we might include a radio interview and song play (perhaps remotely). 

  • Concert Finale – The Summer Rock Camp Concert Finale will feature a Drive-Up Concert on Sunday at The Candyman parking lot when the store is closed (after 5:00pm). The bands from the session will perform from The Candyman porch with social distancing measures in place. Concert attendees will remain in their cars to view the concert. We are currently working out how to make the concerts special and a success and have a few ideas, including piping the sound through a radio channel.

  • No Borrowed Equipment – we most likely will not be able to allow students to borrow equipment for rehearsals, taking home to practice, or during the concert. Students must bring their own instruments (we are still able to provide amps, cords, keyboards, and drums (with sanitizing measures).


Session #1
July 6th - 17th

Concert Finale on July 18th

Session #2 
July 20th - 31st

Concert Finale on August 1st   

The Candyman Summer Rock Camp is an ideal Rock ‘n’ Roll music program for students ages 8-18.


Sign up your child up as a Young Rocker or for one of our beginner, intermediate or advanced bands. They’ll get an incredible, immersive rock ensemble performance and recording experience to last a lifetime!

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Summer Rock Camp 2020

Rockers spend 2 weeks working in a hands-on environment, learning real performance and recording techniques and the joys and complexities of being in a rock band. Campers will enjoy forming a band with peers, learning new songs from their favorite bands, improving their skills, and developing their band’s identity and logo all the while working with some of the top professional working musicians of Santa Fe. This access to established music professionals, who will share their experience and knowledge, will help young musicians understand some of the options open to them in the music industry.

During Summer Rock Camp, some of the activities rockers will experience are:​


Rockers (and parents) will also enjoy online viewing and downloads of all photos taken throughout camp, concert videos and photos, and digital downloads of their recorded albums. 

Camp sessions are 2 weeks long, 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Rockers will be placed in either a morning session (9:00am to 1:00pm) or an afternoon session (2:00am to 6:00pm). In an effort to place students in the best band for them and the best camp experience possible, we are unable to take requests for morning or afternoon sessions.

Camp Tuition is $500.00 + Tax


(Please note: bands are assembled and teachers are hired based on the number of paid registrations. Please see our Policies for tuition payment and tuition cancellation information.)

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851 St. Michael’s Drive, Santa Fe 87505
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:30-6:00
          Sunday 12:00-5:00