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Scholarship Application

Tuition for The Candyman Strings & Things Summer Rock Camp is $600.00. This program operates with limited resources and we rely on donations and support from the community to assist with scholarship funding.

We ask those who can afford to pay full tuition to please do so as we have a limited number of scholarships available.

Our Scholarship application process is based on honesty and confidentiality. Applying for a scholarship is simple as we do not require financial or supporting documents, just honesty in providing us the information. Prior to requesting a full or partial scholarship, The Candyman asks that you first attempt to raise funds toward tuition in other ways.

We've Heard Heart-Warming Stories

Kids can benefit greatly in participating in fundraising efforts such as doing odd jobs for friends and family members or creating their own fundraising event at school, their neighborhood or at their parent’s or guardians workplace.

of former young Rockers taking the initiative to raise funds in creative ways to attend Summer Rock Camp. In doing so, they experienced pride and confidence that comes from such an accomplishment. They also learned valuable life-skills and an appreciation for the value of a dollar. 

One young camper received Summer Rock Camp donations from several school personnel including cooks, teachers, and the principal in exchange for good grades. The school staff created a prominent cheering section at the final concert!

Another student convinced his four uncles to donate $100.00 each toward tuition and The Candyman matched their donation!

If you are unable to raise all or a portion of the tuition fee, then your child will be considered for a full or partial scholarship if:

  • The child has experience playing an instrument that fits into a rock band setting (i.e., guitar, drums, bass, keys, voice, etc.) 

  • It is apparent that the child is willing to give their best effort in participating in the program.

  • There is space in a band for the instrument the child has requested to play.

  • It is demonstrated that the child would not be able to attend the program otherwise.

  • It is demonstrated that the child has attempted to raise funds toward tuition.


Those applying for a scholarship understand that:

  • Parents/guardians of students receiving a scholarship may be asked to volunteer to assist with Summer Rock Camp activities.

  • Those awarded scholarships will attend all Summer Rock Camp activities (exceptions are illness/injury.)

  • Those awarded scholarships must adhere to the Rocker Code of Conduct. 


All scholarship requests must be received prior to May 1st

If you have attempted to raise funds as outlined above and have read and understand the bulleted items above, please fill out the below form in its entirety. 

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