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What We Do


The Candyman Strings & Things is Northern New Mexico’s go-to place for musical instruments and accessories, rentals, repairs, music education, and commercial installation.


The Candyman Strings & Things has been serving Northern New Mexico since 1969. Whether you are a professional musician, playing for the first time or playing for the first time in years, we want to be your partner! Our goals are to help you grow your music career, to provide music education dedicated to the advancement of our students, and to supply the finest in music equipment and instruments to our music community.


At The Candyman, we know our greatest asset is our staff. They possess the best collective knowledge in the business which is why The Candyman was awarded the prestigious NAMM Dealer of the Year Award (the No. 1 music store in the world!) and holds the record for the most Best Of awards in the industry including Best Staff, Best Merchandising and Display, Best Customer Service, Music Makes a Difference, Best Rock Schools and Camps, Best Social Media, and others!

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