The Candyman Music Education Center Quarterly Student Showcase

The Next Showcase will be held Saturday, May 30th,
beginning at 12:30 
at Tumbleroot!

Signups for the Student Showcases are due two days prior to the showcase. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a performance slot for those who haven't let us know their intent to perform ahead of time. 

Student Showcase FAQs

Why do I have to sign up in order to perform?

Showcase Length
The Candyman averages 300 students. If everyone came to perform, that would be quite a long concert! We try to keep our student showcases to no longer than 2 hours. When we anticipate we might go over that time, we will either ask students to keep their performance to 2 songs or schedule additional showcases to accommodate all students who would like to perform.

Venue Considerations

Because we now hold our showcases off-site, we are required to provide an estimation of time to the sound engineer and venue and if we have surprise performances, we run the risk of being asked to end the showcase before everyone's had a chance to perform. 

Planning and Set-Up

We need to know what instruments/backline to set up, how many people overall will be in attendance (each student brings 1-4 people along), how many students will perform and how long their performances will take (to estimate the show length).

If I sign up to perform, but change my mind at the last minute, do I still have to perform?
Nope. At The Candyman, we understand the positive significance performing live can offer and we encourage all students to work through their fears. Teachers and staff alike, know the value of performing and the wonderful feeling of applause. Although we encourage all of our students to perform, we certainly don't want to force anyone too far out of their comfort zone. We understand that our students, especially the younger ones, may be apprehensive to perform and may experience reluctance at the last minute. However, it's better to have signed up and have the opportunity to perform, than not. 


We encourage all our students to come to watch the performance regardless of performing themselves, in hopes they will be encouraged by the other students to perform at the next showcase!

Is the Student Showcase included in my lessons tuition?
There are no additional fees to participate in the student showcases. 


Having said that, we ask for awareness and understanding that The Candyman Music Education Center is not a profit center. The bulk of the lesson fees go to the teachers, with a small portion covering administration, purchase and maintenance of literally thousands of dollars of equipment and gear, overhead costs for maintaining and operating the studios, and so forth.  There are additional costs and a significant amount of time associated with the planning and production of student showcases.


However, The Candyman believes that student performances are a valuable part of a student's learning and relationship with music and we want to ensure that all students are provided that opportunity, even if that means we aren't able to recoup those costs. We're happy to do it!

Can my teacher sign up for me?

Teachers are unable to sign up their students unless they are signing up a group. All students or parents/guardians of minor students must sign up to perform at the student showcases by using the form to the right. 

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