Please complete the form below to request a donation. Allow a minimum of two weeks for your request to go through our donation consideration process.


Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we ask that as much information as possible be included about your cause. If for some reason we are unable to participate in this event, we invite you to contact us again regarding your next event.


The Candyman typically honors requests with gift cards or equipment loans.

The Candyman is dedicated to giving back to our community, and we truly enjoy supporting various causes.


Although we would like to give to all those who remit requests, we are a small business and may not be able to accommodate everyone as we receive several requests each week for donations and sponsorships.


Although we aren't able to contribute to all requests that we receive, we do our best to help!

We truly appreciate your efforts in our community and thank you for thinking of The Candyman!

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