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Rehearsals begin the last week of
March or first week of April, depending on the day of rehearsal, with a concert finale on Saturday, May 9th!

6 Week Sessions
90 Minute Rehearsals
One Day a Week

Be Part of a Band
Hone Your Skills
Learn New Songs

Work with Pros
Perform at a Concert


Perform at a 



Unable to accept novices

unless Young Rockers Bands 

Guitar • Drums • Bass • Keyboard • Vocals

Rehearsal Days and Times

Rock School for Young Rockers (Ages 5-7)
With Ross on Fridays at 4:00-5:30 pm

First Rehearsal on April 3rd

Rock School for Kids (Ages 8-12)

With Shannon on Sundays at 3:30-5:00 pm

First Rehearsal on March 29th

Sold Out!

The Candyman Strings & Things Rock School programs offer participants a creative and fun environment to learn how to play and perform songs, as a cohesive band, from their favorite music genres.

Participants will learn practical skills while forming a band, developing a band identity and logo, selecting and learning cover songs, and performing in a concert finale!

Participants will also learn practical tools covered at each rehearsal including stage presence, basic music theory, vocals, harmonies and understanding their instrument. The rehearsals are led by experienced teaching professionals.


Participants will receive a concert poster, photos and videos of the concert, and MP3s of the live recording of their band's performance at the concert!


Rock School

for Young Rockers!

Ages 5-7

This fun rock band experience was created as an introduction to our Rock School and Summer Rock Camp programs, typically for kids ages 8-18.
The Young Rockers band will be led by a professional, fun, energetic, and experienced instructor who will provide an introduction to guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and vocals. After choosing their favorite instrument, participants will begin working on basic musical skills as they learn to play a carefully chosen rock song with positive lyrics.

Together with other new young musicians, participants will practice their skills as a group for 90 minutes each week for 6 weeks in a creative, supportive, and enjoyable environment. At the end of the 6 weeks, the Young Rockers band will perform their song on stage in front of family and friends. It is sure to be a performance to remember!

Music education has fantastic benefits for young children, including increased language skills, social skills, and cognitive functioning. The Young Rockers band focuses on encouraging the love of music. It lays a solid foundation for future musical skills while having a LOT of fun!

Rock School for Kids/Teens

Ages 8-18

Rock School for Teens (Ages 13-18)

With Andy on Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 pm

First Rehearsal on April 1st

With Ross on Fridays 5:30-7:00 pm

First Rehearsal on April 3rd

Rock School for Adults or Families
(Older Teens 17 and Up Welcome if
Intermediate to Advanced Playing Level)

​With Justin on Wednesdays - 6:30-8:00 pm

First Rehearsal on April 1st

With Justin on Thursdays - 6:00-7:30 pm

First Rehearsal on April 2nd

With Ross on Sundays - 6:00-7:30 pm

First Rehearsal on March 29th

The Candyman Strings & Things Rock School for Kids program is an after-school and weekend rock band program providing a creative and fun environment for kids to learn how to play their favorite genre of music in a group setting. Students will learn practical skills while forming a band, developing their band’s logo and identity, selecting and learning cover songs, and performing in a concert finale! 

Rock School for Families

Wanna Rock? 

Register Below Now!

Families that play together stay together!

Just complete the registration form with your preferred days and times and we'll get to work building your band!

The Candyman Strings & Things Rock School for Families program is modeled after the Rock School for Kids and Adults programs, but tailored to families! 


Parents, children, grandparents, and other family members can now play in a band together while receiving professional instruction in a fun environment. Bands rehearse weekly to perform at a real rock concert.

Families receive a 10% discount per band member.

Just for Fun Rock School for Adults

Why should kids have all the fun?

Explore the wonderment of an adult rock band modeled after The Candyman Strings & Things Rock School for Kids! 


This 6-week experience will bring a group of adults together weekly to form a band, pick a band name, select and learn songs, and work on their on-stage mojo for a concert performance.

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Jason Reed, Sound Engineer, helping the bands to sound their best and recording their live performances!
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Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:30-6:00
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