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The Candyman
Matthew Schwartzman Memorial Scholarship Fund

So More Kids Can Play Music!

At The Candyman Strings & Things, we prioritize music education and are dedicated to ensuring that music remains an integral part of every child's education. Through our globally acclaimed Summer Rock Camp, Rock School, and private lesson programs, we strive to fill the gaps left by schools, particularly in creating and performing music that resonates with students.

In our commitment to making music accessible to all, we have raised and contributed over $60,000 to our scholarship fund. This fund not only provides financial assistance but also garners support from the community, enabling us to offer opportunities to lower-income students who may otherwise be unable to participate in our programs. However, we aspire to do even more.

We firmly believe that music plays a vital role in the well-being of individuals, especially children, and we aim to empower as many young people as possible to experience the joys and benefits of music-making.


By contributing to our Scholarship Programs, you actively contribute to building community support and helping lower-income students access private lessons, as well as our seasonal Rock School and Summer Rock Camp programs.

The Candyman Strings & Things Summer Rock Camp tuition is $600.00, while the Rock School program costs $250 for a 6-week session. These programs operate with limited resources but entail significant expenses. Thus, we rely on generous donations and community support to fund scholarships, ensuring that no child is turned away due to financial constraints.

Private lesson tuition varies, but we prioritize fair compensation for our dedicated teachers, ensuring they receive their full salary for each lesson. Learn more about our Private Lessons.


Our Scholarship application process is rooted in honesty and confidentiality. While we have a limited number of scholarships available, we kindly request those who can afford to pay full tuition to do so.

We are thrilled with the success of our scholarship program, which not only facilitates musical growth but also strengthens the bonds within our community. Together, we can continue to build bridges and provide more children with the transformative experience of making music!

DVG Painting of Matthew.jpeg

Painting of The Candyman Founder, Matthew Schwartzman, by world-renowned artist, Darren Vigil Gray (Jicarilla Apache/Kiowa Apache), who donated this painting as the image for The Matthew Schwartzman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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