Our capable instrument maintenance and repair team can handle almost any repair request for brass and woodwind instruments, stringed and fretted instruments, and most electronics (from amps to keyboards).

We are the authorized repair center for most major brands!

Drop-off Services Available 

7 days a week!


Contact: Chris Riggins
Repair Department Manager

Phone: (505) 983.5906


Vintage Electric Guitar

The Candyman offers in-house repairs and maintenance as well as an off-site luthier for fretted instruments.

Fretted Instruments

Bench Rate

$80.00 Per Hour

General Repairs and Maintenance

Estimated on an individual basis.

  • Basic Guitar Set-ups (electric & acoustic)

  • String Changes 

  • Guitar Crack Repairs

  • Complete Fret Jobs

  • Pick-up Replacements & Installation

  • Electric Guitar Re-wiring 

  • And More!


Steel String Restring

$20.00 + cost of strings 

Nylon String Restring
$25.00 + cost of strings 

12-String Restring

$30.00 + cost of strings 


All additional hourly-based work 

$60/hour + supply costs 

*Additional Charge for Rush Requests

Trombone Player

Woodwind & Brass

The Candyman offers in-house repairs and maintenance for woodwind and brass instruments to ensure your instrument is performing at its best! 

Woodwind Instruments

Bench Rate

$75.00 Per Hour

Repairs estimated on
an individual basis.

  • Adjustment or Re-pad (including vintage & professional instruments)

  • Tenon Cork for oboe, clarinet, alto, or
    bass clarinet

  • Saxophone Neck Cork

  • Flute Head Cork

  • High Temp & Soft Solder

  • Spring Replacement

  • Refit Metal Tenon

  • Silver Polish (flute & saxophone)

  • Felt Replacement

  • Pad Repair & Replacement

  • Additional repairs as requested.

Brass Instruments

  • Pull Stuck Mouthpieces

  • Trumpet & Trombone
    Slide Service

  • Align & Restring Rotary Valve

  • High Temp & Soft Solder

  • Waterkey Cork and Spring Replacement

  • Silver Polishing Services on all brass instruments

  • Valve Casing Repairs

  • Unfreeze stuck slides and valves

  • Additional repairs as requested.


Bring in your instrument for

a free evaluation!

*Additional Charge for Rush Requests

Kali Music Repair
Electronic Services



Murali Levine of Kali Music Repair is certified for Fender, Peavey, Marshall, Korg, Vox, Mesa Boogie, and Roland warranty and non-warranty repair as well as all other brands of non-warranty repair. Keyboard service is also available for warranty and non-warranty issues for Roland and Korg products. Repair services include:

  • Amplifiers

  • Pedals

  • Rack Mount FX Units

  • PA Amps & Systems

  • Keyboards

  • Microphones

  • Guitars & Bass Guitars


Virtually any other electronic or electrified musical instrument. Kali Music Repair also designs and builds custom tube guitar amps!

For estimates and related information

contact Murali Levine at:

Take advantage of our 7-day
per week drop off service!

"I’ve never had to advertise. Word just gets around when you offer good service.  And working with The Candyman all these years has been a pleasure and a blessing.  I’m grateful to my customers and to the owners and staff at The Candyman who’ve made it possible for my business to be successful."                                                Murali Levine, Kali Music Repair

We at The Candyman concur; it’s been a wonderful partnership!



Remember, musical instruments require routine maintenance to play their best and with the least amount of effort. We provide consultations and checkups to keep your instrument in top playing condition, so that it will sound it’s best and be in the most enjoyable playing form.


For repairs on bowed instruments, see our good friends at The Violin Shop of Santa Fe.