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11th Annual


This day has been set aside for you!


We’re taking the intimidation and pressure out of the equation

and helping people play music just for the fun of it. For the first time-or the first time in years!

You don’t have to be a musical genius to learn to play or sing your favorite songs.

     It doesn’t matter what age you start at…or how good or bad you think you are…

                   Everyone is musical!

It's all


Stay Tuned for Announcement

of Wanna Play? 2023!

Fun for All Ages - No Experience Needed

  • Join the Guitar Strum Along

  • Take a Rock Band Test Drive with your friends and family

  • Play in a Drum Circle

  • Exercise your fingers in our Keyboard Lab

  • Take Free Mini Lessons with our music teachers

  • Try the instruments in our Instrument Petting Zoo

  • Visit our Uke Box and learn to play Ukulele with others

  • Get creative at our Instrument Craft Table

  • Little ones play in our Baby and Toddler Area

  • Learn to play the blues in our Harmonica Circle

  • Play the Passport Game and win musical prizes

  • Learn about the diverse world of instruments from our experts

  • Listen & Dance to Live Performances from the Soldier Songs and Voices Stage

Take an Interactive Music Tour in Our Self-Guided Stations!

Guitar Station

Bass Station

Keyboard Station

Electronic Drum Kit Station

Vocal Station

Effect Pedal Station


Melodica Station

Mandolin Station



Autoharp Station

Banjo Station

Outdoor Musical Playground

Astro Freq Logo.jpg

With Special Guest...

As seen at Meow Wolf!


Come and see for yourself why this is such a wildly popular event!

The Candyman is the Recipient of the Global Wanna Play? Music Makes a Difference 
2011, 2012 & 2015!


You’ll get the chance to experience making music on the instrument of your choice in a way you never thought possible. Super special instrument and lesson packages will be available and the free, no obligation introduction to the unbelievably fun world of making music.

If you’ve ever felt vulnerable visiting a music store, this is your opportunity to come and investigate music for yourself!

Fun for the Whole Family!


Baby and
Toddler Activities

Too Old ~ Too Young
Too Difficult ~ Too Little Time


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