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Make Music Winter
Friday, December 21st

The Candyman's New Mexico Meets the Portlands Songwriter Showcase

Tune in to this Live-Streamed Songwriter’s Showcase with performers from Portland, Maine - Portland, Oregon - and Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Participants will perform their best songs and share their personal thoughts on the importance of making music. A fun and interactive discussion between musicians from these states will also compare and contrast local music and song writing from three completely different areas of our country.

Tune In to Facebook Live to watch and interact with the performers!

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Cindy Cook
The Candyman Strings & Things

Catherine Tanous
Co-Founder, Make Music Day Portland

Michael R. J. Roth - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bill O'Hanlon - Santa Fe, NM

Portland, Maine

Bob McKillop
Doug Kolmar
Scott Woodruff

Portland, Oregon

Greg McKillop or

505-983-5906 for info. 

More info about the International event at