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The Candyman Family

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Our team isn't made up of sales people and cashiers. Meet our...

Customer Choice Coaches and Schmooze Masters!

We are professional musicians who are knowledgeable and happy. Our true pleasure is derived from guiding someone in acquiring the instrument of their dreams or helping someone make music for the first time, or the first time in years. 

Rand Is Done.jpg

Co-Owner | Director of
Operations and Finance

Cindy is done.png

Co-Owner | Director of
Marketing and Education

Hailey Is Done (2).png

General Manager

Tom Is Done.png

Assistant Manager | Purchasing Lead

Franny Scheduling Sorceress (3).png

Education Department Manager

385526623_377411358010162_7618430935373318315_n (1).png

Assistant Manager | Service Lead

Jake (2).jpg

Customer Choice Coach
Guitar Specialist

Michael Is Done.png

Customer Choice Coach
Drum Specialist

hashtag Justin (1).png

Customer Choice Coach


Customer Choice Coach

Raven is done (2).png

Customer Choice Coach

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