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 Amplification & Effects

The Candyman Strings & Things isn't a look-but-don't-touch
kind of store. We encourage you to come on down, plug in,
and play to find the perfect fit for your amplification
and effects quest.

We can ship anywhere in the U.S and special order almost anything.
Call 505.983.5906 or email us here.


Like a pen without paper, a guitar isn't complete without the ability to be heard and appreciated. The Customer Choice Coaches at The Candyman immensely enjoy helping any musician find the perfect tone and amplification for our customers. Whether it be for bedroom concerts or concert hall performances, The Candyman can hook you up beyond your expectations with help from our large selection of amplifiers from these incredible names in the business. 


With so many options and possibilities in the sonic world of effects, Today there are so many exciting things to think about when looking for guitar pedals and effects that it's an exceptional journey that never ends. Do you want true bypass or buffered? Do you need to incorporate a looper into your setup? Should you consider one of the many mini pedals to save on board real estate? Often the answer to all these questions is "Yes." So no matter what you're looking for, our professional and knowledgeable staff can help you on your personal road of sonic discovery. The Candyman Strings & Things is proud to offer these lines in an array of effects.

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