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Summer Rock Camp
Intern Program

Each summer, The Candyman welcomes Summer Rock Camp (SRC) alumni, to apply for

uncompensated internships. Individuals should be passionate, independent,

caring, and have a great attitude while being willing to assist SRC staff and instructors. 

We are so thankful for the help our interns provide. They contribute so much to our programs, help offset the workload, and provide a peer-to-peer experience for the participants. In turn, they receive real-world and work experience.

Interns may choose to assist with a morning session (9:00 - 1:00), an afternoon session (2:00 - 6:00), or both sessions. 



  • Must be available for the duration of the camp and chosen session hours, including the concert finale. 

  • Due to New Mexico law, interns must be 18 years of age.  

  • Must be proficient in at least one rock instrument (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocals).


Band Mentor Interns


Mentors work directly with a band. This role provides the following benefits for participants, instructors, and mentors:


  • Provides an opportunity for local youth to gain work and volunteer experience. 

  • Provides the opportunity to explore a passion for music instruction and youth program leadership. 

  • Balances the student/teacher ratio while providing aid to the instructors. 

  • Improves the experience for participants. 

  • Adds an extra band member when needed. 

  • Provides for additional help during the concert (load-in/out, emceeing, etc.). 

  • Provides assistance with facility maintenance, field trips, recording studio sessions, radio interviews, and other camp activities.  


Our band mentors generally stay with one band throughout the duration of each program. They assist the instructor in many ways, including: 


  • Providing coverage when an instructor needs to leave the room.

  • Providing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling from a peer perspective.

  • Working with individuals on their instrumental parts, both privately and during group rehearsals.

  • Helping to keep band members safe (escorting to restrooms, ensuring no one is out of site, ensuring no bullying activities are occurring, ensuring no participant is showing signs of negative emotions, etc.)

  • Helping to keep the band on schedule.

  • Providing support and encouragement to the band and its individual members.

  • Assisting with positive group dynamics, conflict resolution, and group decision making.

  • Helping to fill in musical parts if needed.

  • Assisting the band with lunch, breaks, and outdoor activities.

  • Acting as a liaison between the band and program administration.

  • Assisting the band before, during, and after the concert finale.

  • Assisting the instructor with band dynamics including song choices, logo development, rehearsals, performance workshops, and other elements. 

  • Assisting instructors with day-to-day tasks (set-up, tear-down, breaks, lunch, etc).

Program Interns

Our program interns generally assist the camp staff and provide support to all bands throughout the duration of the program including:


  • Providing administrative support (i.e., copying, filing, document management, creating participant award certificates, snack bar management, etc.)

  • Providing facilities support (i.e., emptying trash, straightening studios, cable and equipment management, etc.)

  • Assisting and supporting camp activities:

    • Orientation, ice-breaking, and team-building activities

    • Workshops

    • Pizza parties

    • Instructor support

    • Accompanying bands to recording studios, radio station and other outings

    • Creating lyric sheets (with oversight from Camp Director)

    • Assisting in band logo development

    • Video and photo documentation

  • Concert support

    • Packing the supply box

    • Designing the stage plot

    • Load in and load out

    • Stage setup

    • Participant check-in

    • Back stage oversight

    • Emceeing

    • Video/photo documentation

All Interns should help to ensure that every participant has an incredible experience and leaves camp with improved musical skills, self-confidence, and new friendships!

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Intern Application

Apply Now!

All correspondence in regards to internships will be done through email. Please make sure that you are checking your email account regularly! If you have any questions, please call (505) 983 - 5906 or email

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