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Summer Rock Camp Alumni Feedback

"Oh. My. Goodness. WOW! and THANK YOU! I cannot believe how much you all accomplished with kids in 2 weeks. I was really blown away by the concert, the recording studio, the radio interview and live performance, etc etc. etc.  You all have been so warm and professional and outstanding with communication a well. Thank you so much. Ross was really fabulous and all the younger teachers/assistants as well. You are making music accessible for kids and teaching incredibly useful skills - and they are having a blast! We can’t wait for Sky to do Rock Camp again next Summer (Sky included).  I’ll start saving now! Worth every cent. Many Thanks again!"

"Thanks to you, Shannon, and everyone there whose hard work and patience create such an amazing experience for these lucky, lucky kids!"

"Another great rock camp, and an extraordinary Saturday performance. Pure joy!! You deserve all of the accolades you received yesterday, and more. Thanks also for being fertile ground for the other things the kids learn—beyond chords or how to tune an instrument—how to negotiate, how to be patient, how to advocate for themselves. Please let Eddie know how much we appreciate him!"

"You and yours deserve only beautiful feedback. Thank you for nurturing children and for always being inclusive. You are doing a great thing, bigger than it might appear."

"I'd like to thank you for creating such a wonderful camp experience for Sophia. She had an incredible time and learned so much in merely two weeks. As parents we were very impressed with all the extra care and thought that went into putting together all the special opportunities and events to give the campers an authentic experience."

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this camp possible. Sophie is absolutely LOVING it! Every day she comes home happy and says its the best camp she’s ever been to. She’s learning a lot and is so inspired. You all make such an awesome difference in these little ones lives! Such a memorable and positive experience that will inspire them for the rest of their lives.”

“Thank you for the fulfilling experience your camp gave our daughter. You ignited her musical passion and gave her instincts direction, focus and encouragement – all while offering an inside look at the band industry and it’s inner workings. A superb 2 week accomplishment!! Your inspiring support of the children talent and upbeat attitude is a winning combination! Cindy, I applaud you for your visionary approach to these camps…you and your team are helping our community tremendously. She grew from this experience in such positive ways a mother truly dreams of…thank you both!!”

“My son has learned so much about music, friendship and community from your peeps. The Candyman Strings & Things is a priceless NM treasure.”

“I want you to know how much my son, Colin, enjoyed participating in the Rock Band Camp. Pablo, and your other instructors, are great professionals and are also patient and inspiring when working with the kids. The experience has really contributed to Colin’s guitar skills and confidence level– a real plus as he starts middle school in a few weeks! I really appreciate the time and hard work that you and Rand devote to making the camp a memorable experience for the kids! Colin is already planning to participate again next summer!”

“Thank you for giving the kids a great experience. I am amazed at how much you all do for the kids. It is absolutely wonderful!”

“This is an amazing experience for the kids that do your camp! As a mother of one I can’t tell you how much it has done for my daughter!! Thank you for having this awesome program!!”
“Neilly has LOVED this experience! Thanks to the incredible staff for all you give!

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