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Woodstock Tribute Concert

As The Candyman celebrates its 50th Anniversary, so does the iconic Woodstock! With a concert reminiscent of the Woodstock music festival,we'll also be celebrating the1969 moment that changed history. Songs from the era will be performed by some of Santa Fe's grooviest local bands!

Come early to enjoy the pre-concert festivities from noon to 5:30pm. Be sure to bring your lawn chair and get a great spot to watch the Woodstock Tribute beginning at 6:00pm! It'll be outta sight!



Nosotros seamlessly combines Latin rhythms with elements of Rock, Salsa, Jazz and Cumbia creating an original sound that is unmistakably Nosotros. M.E. Schenck of Hyperactive Music Magazine may have interpreted their sound best by saying “Nosotros’ musicis not to be explained, it is to be felt in the pit of our souls.” 

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BrotherSound is the result of lifelong friends creating a symbiotic mind-meld to create euphoric, ecstatic, terrifying and entrancing music. Chance Willey, Julian Gonzales, Jake Montiel, Gabe Pacheco, and Ian Davis are attempting to create a super-organism while playing warm earth music for plants and the people who love them. 

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Sunbender is an art rock band from Santa Fe, New Mexico.​ Exploring and blending a wide range of musical influences (some familiar and some not so familiar) from all genres of music with the dream of nudging pop culture into new and interesting territories. Listen closely and you just may hear the echoes of Radiohead, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Planetarium Music, Electronic, Punk and Hard Rock in their music. Sunbender are: Robert McCormick, David Darby, Robin Oxley and Jake Osborn.

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Little Leroy & His Pack of Lies
Little Leroy cranks out your classic rock and pop songs, which, in the end, fills the dance floor with baby boomers who've been known to air jam and sing along in a joint more known for its flamenco dancing than its rock 'n' roll. From the Beatles to the Stones to Bob Dylan to Neil Young to Bob Marley, the band excels in songs like "Back in the USSR," "Brown Sugar," "Cinnamon Girl" and "I Shot the Sheriff" before swapping it up with a few blues cuts from "Sweet Home Chicago" to "Unchain My Heart."

They're even daring enough to mimic a few from Jimi Hendrix, who has long served as Little Leroy's inspiration, along with Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd's first guitarist, whose use of psychedelics unfortunately led to his early departure.

by By Thomas Ragan, SFR

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CS&R (C.S. Rockshow)
C.S. Rockshow is Don Curry guitar/vocals, Pete Springer keyboard/vocals and 2018 NM Music Awards Best Song winner Ron Crowder drums/vocals. Coming together as CS&R for The Candyman Salutes 1969 festival, with special guest Jamie Russell, they'll be covering Crosby, Steels, Nash and Young! The audience is sure to enjoy their inspired rock & roll with strong vocal harmonies.


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The John Kurzweg House Band

Anchoring the tribute stage in superstar fashion is famed Producer/Musician/Songwriter/Engineer, John Kurzweg and his house band: Justin Bransford, Andrew Primm, and Brant Leeper.


This Dream Team backs some of Santa Fe's finest artists including:

Levi Platero

Tiho Dimitrov

Timbo Arnaldo

Myrrhine Rosemary

Pete White

Janice Mohr-Nelson

Jesse Gayle

Joe West

Elizabeth Scarinzi

Jake Jones

Henry Sutro

Francesca Jozette

Mathiew McClinton

Jake Monteil

Terry Diers

Lucy Barna

Busy McCarroll

Mike Handler

Tom Valencia

James Westbay


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