Programs Offered


Private Instruction

Our teachers provide music education across the musical spectrum! Individual lessons are available for voice, piano, harp, guitar, bass, drums, violin, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, accordion, trumpet, trombone, sax, flute clarinet and more!  We also have opportunities to learn theory, arranging, composition, technique, performance, and more for students of all ages, styles, and levels.

We are able to accommodate most interests, instruments, ages, and skill levels. If you don’t see your instrument of choice, just ask us about it! Chances are we have a teacher that can accommodate your request. 

Group Instruction

In our group classes, ensembles, jams, workshops, and clinics, you’ll play music with others right away!  You’ll meet new friends while improving as a musician and learning new skills. Be sure to be on the lookout for announcements about our new offerings on our group learning webpage. While you’re there, make sure to sign up to receive our announcements.


The Candyman music teachers are the best in town! They are professional musicians as well as seasoned teachers. They rely on continuity of lessons for their livelihood and strive to make lessons fun and productive to ensure student retention. See the list of our current teaching staff!

Please note: Teachers' availabilities will vary.

The Candyman Retail Hours

The Candyman retail store hours:

Monday thru Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Sundays: 12:00pm - 5:00pm


The Candyman Education Center Hours

Lessons may be taken between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm every day of the week.

A dedicated education staff member is available in the 2nd-floor business office Monday – Friday between 10:00am and 5:00pm. If an education staff member is not available to personally take your call or visit, you may speak with any retail store staff member.

After-Hours Lessons

Students taking lessons outside retail store hours will enter and exit through the back door of the building. A security gate will be locked promptly at closing. Students ending a lesson after closing will exit out the back door. The Candyman utilizes a sensitive alarm system with motion detection. Please do not throw or drop anything from the second floor or lean over the walkway when taking lessons after hours. (In the event the gate is not secured after hours, students and teachers should not walk past Studio 2 toward the front of the store.)

Holidays & Store Closings

The Candyman is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter, and New Year's Day.

We may also close early on Christmas Eve, Independence Day and New Year's Eve. Any lessons falling on these holidays may automatically be rescheduled to the following week and students will not be charged.

Inclement Weather

  • The Candyman education program runs on Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) snow/weather schedule. Tune into local radio or television programming, check the SFPS Delay and Closures website, or call the SFPS Weatherline at 467-3541 to verify closings due to inclement weather.

  • The Candyman schedule is not affected by SFPS 2-hour delays, but does include all-day, early release, and after-school activity cancellations. 

  • If both teacher and student wish to take lessons in spite of the above, they may do so. In the event the schools are cancelled, released early, or evening school-related activities are cancelled, students and teachers are encouraged to contact the the lesson coordinators at 983-5906 or to cancel or keep the lesson. If the staff does not hear from the student or teacher, they will attempt to contact them at the phone number and email provided. If a student is not able to be reached, it will be assumed that the lesson is cancelled.

  • Qualifying cancellations according to this policy will result in a credit of the lesson fee applied to the student account. Credits are not refundable, and will be applied to the following month's invoice. If no further lessons are scheduled, the credit may be applied to in-store purchases. 


Restrooms are located on the first floor of The Candyman toward the back of the store. Restrooms on the first floor may be used after hours.


Occasionally we post photos of lessons and videos of student performances on our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and marketing collateral. Please contact us if you DO NOT wish to have a student's image posted or printed.


Student Portal

All new students enrolling in our private lesson program are automatically provided access to their online Student Portal. An email with instructions and login credentials are sent to any student who has taken a trial lesson and signed up for recurring lessons.

If a student has not received this email or has lost their login credential, they may request a new email to be sent.

Teacher / Student Communication

To avoid confusion with billing and availability, we ask that all communication regarding scheduling be made through The Candyman Education Department and not between student and teacher.


Please contact a music education center administrator with requests at or by phone at (505)-983-5906.

Student Showcases

The Candyman will host free Student Showcases for anyone enrolled in lessons at The Candyman. The showcases offer an opportunity for the students to prepare and perform music in front of a live audience. Oftentimes with their teacher! This is an important step in a student’s musical journey and enhances their individual learning experience. Performances are photographed and posted on The Candyman Facebook page, unless otherwise notified by the student.

Signups are required in order to perform at the Student Showcases due to time constraints and other planning purposes. For more information and to sign up for a showcase, click here!



Student Commitment to the Teacher

Student will:

  • Arrive at lessons on time. (Students arriving late don’t get the benefits of a full lesson.)

  • Practice!

  • Share talents with family and friends.

  • Practice!

  • Enjoy making music. Keep a positive attitude and work hard. Have fun with the lessons!

  • Practice!

  • Work on the material assigned by the teacher.

  • Bring to each class any materials/instruments/gear that the teacher has requested.


Teacher Commitment to Student

  • Teacher will arrive to the lesson on time.

  • Teacher will be prepared for each lesson making sure to have all photocopies ready and a lesson plan prepared for every lesson.

  • Teacher will never create a general "mold" that all students must follow. They will devote time outside of the lesson to create a truly unique lesson experience that balances what the student wants to learn and what they believe that the student needs to learn.

  • Teacher will give The Candyman ample notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson with a student. Cancellations will be kept to a minimum.

  • Teachers will be sensitive to maximizing teaching time and minimizing superfluous conversation.

The Candyman’s Commitment to Student & Teacher

  • The Candyman will provide clean and comfortable studio spaces for students and teachers.

  • The Candyman will provide chairs, music stands, drum sets with cymbals, practice pads, pianos, amplifiers, and CD players with auxiliary inputs for media players for all lessons as applicable.

  • The Candyman will host free Student Showcases.

  • The Candyman will provide professional and friendly administrative support.


Parents – Help Your Child Succeed in Their Music Lessons!

  • A parent's attitude and involvement is vital to their children's success in music. It is important that your child be encouraged to set aside a regular time to practice without interruption, and that they attend their lessons on a regular basis. Good habits encourage success, and well-placed praise helps children flourish.

  • Music needn't be a mystery. Basic musical concepts can be difficult for a child at first, but fairly easy for an adult to comprehend. Taking the time to understand what your child is learning can provide invaluable support to their education. Ask what your child is working on - our teachers welcome your involvement!

  • We encourage you to nurture your child's interest in music by attending quality musical events with your family and listening to recordings at home. Encourage your child to perform often and to make music with others. How about a Friday night concert for the family or when friends or relatives visit!

  • usic can teach children valuable lessons in perseverance, steady progress, self-discipline and time management. If your child encounters difficulties in learning or practicing, please discuss it with your teacher. Parent-Teacher communication is very important. Remember our teachers are here to help!


Dear Student,


We are delighted that you have enrolled as a student here at The Candyman Music Education Center! We are committed to helping you build a life-long relationship with music.


The scope of this handbook is to provide information aside from our Tuition Payment and Cancellation Policies. This handbook will answer many questions regarding our lesson programs and music education center. Topics such as business hours, student showcases, what to do in case of inclement weather, holidays, how to succeed as a music student and other details about our program are outlined in this document.


In an effort to provide clear instructions about our program, you may also grab a copy of this handbook in our Student Resource Center just outside the business office.


It is our goal to keep the lines of communication open with our student base and build a solid cooperative foundation in our music education programs. Plato once said that music "is a more potent instrument than any other for education." We agree! We believe that regular attendance and a reasonable commitment to the instructor and a commitment to self, through the learning and practicing process is essential to student success.


The Candyman's Music Education Center has a dedicated staff during most business hours, Monday through Friday. Our amazing and professional retail staff is available to handle many student inquiries as well, making it convenient for students to talk to someone during store hours. Our staff doesn’t work on commission and provides stellar customer service helping our students with quality instruments, literature, accessories and equipment.


We look forward to serving you and thank you again for choosing us to help achieve your musical goals. If you have any questions about music education here at The Candyman, please contact us at (505) 983-5906 or



Cindy Cook                    

Director of Education


Edward Seymour         

Private Lessons Coordinator                              


Jayda Cook

Private Lessons Coordinator