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Weekly Lessons and the Auto-Pay Program

For students wishing to take lessons on a weekly basis.


  • Weekly lessons guarantee a studio/instructor for the same day and time each week.

  • Weekly lessons are invoiced monthly, 5 days before the 1st of each month.

  • An active credit card is required to be kept on file at the time of registration. This card will be used to automatically charge tuition each month. Credit card information is confidential and secure (see FAQs for details). 

  • Lessons will not be booked until tuition is received.

  • There are no refunds for booked lessons. Credits may be kept on file and used toward future lessons or redeemed for merchandise in the retail store. 

  • Teachers are compensated for the lesson reservation regardless of attendance. 

    • Students are provided one floating excused absence each quarter. They may receive a credit if a lesson is cancelled with a minimum of four hours notice. No-shows and cancellations within a four hour period will not be considered excused absences. 

  • A two-week notice is required to discontinue lessons.

  • Any fees incurred due to non-sufficient funds will be passed on to the customer.

Weekly Lessons
For more information, refer to the lesson FAQs. 
Single Lessons

Single/Flexible Lessons

For students requiring a flexible lesson schedule.

Single lessons are discouraged as we feel the best chance at success in honing your skills depends on consistent weekly lessons with your teacher. Keeping in mind that demanding schedules may prevent availability for weekly lessons, we are happy to offer flexible booking. 

  • Flexible lesson tuition offers students the option to pay for one or more lessons at a time. 

  • Flexible lessons must be paid in full no later than 48 hours prior to the lesson to guarantee the studio and instructor.

  • Flexible lesson accounts cannot be assured days, times, or studios and may not be booked during peak hours (3:00pm to 6:00pm).  

  • There are no reschedules for scheduled flexible lessons and cancellations require a forfeit of the lesson fee.


The Candyman does not provide refunds for scheduled lessons. Considerations include:

  • Our teachers have planned their time, lesson plan, and finances based on scheduled lessons.

  • Reserved studio/teaching times that become available due to canceled lessons may not be re-booked in order to recover income.

  •  Lessons are scheduled and teachers are reserved based on enrollment.

  • Teachers dedicate time outside of the lesson in concern for their students, both in their learning challenges and achievements. Teachers consistently mull over problems and possible solutions, research pieces to fit students, prepare special lesson materials, and so on.

  • Cancellations are generally given with short notice and, in turn, make it difficult to book another lesson in the time slot. Many students are not willing to book a lesson in a different time slot each week, so a single canceled lesson slot can be very difficult to fill.

  • Teachers earn their sole living, or supplement their income, by teaching. If they count on the income from the lessons that are scheduled and if one or more students cancel, their income is reduced, creating a hardship. The Candyman greatly appreciates your understanding that our teachers' time is valuable.

  • Labor fees and credit card fees are incurred for lesson administration. 

Make-Up Lessons/Reschedules

Our teachers earn their livelihoods by maintaining a consistent roster of students. While they are often quite accommodating, their time is valuable. Your consideration of our scheduling requirements is most appreciated. If a student enrolled in weekly lessons is not able to attend a lesson at the scheduled time, the student understands that the lesson is forfeited and a “make-up’ lesson may not be granted. In rare instances a make-up lesson may be granted, but must be taken during the same week and prior to the next scheduled lesson. 

Discontinuing Lessons

Lessons have been reserved for students at a specific time and day. This is the student's time for which they are responsible until they provide a notice of two lessons or more to discontinue lessons. Tuition for unused lessons will not be refunded; however, in-store credit may be extended for account balances remaining for those who provide the minimum notice.

Trial Lessons

New students are provided the option to begin with a trial lesson(s) to ensure that student and teacher are ideally paired. These evaluation lessons are assessed at the lesson rates.


Registration Fee

Unlike many programs, The Candyman does not charge a registration fee.

Late Fees

A $10 late fee per month will be applied to past-due accounts. There is a grace period of 10 days before the late charges are applied. In the case of non-payment, lessons will be suspended until the account is current.


Cancellations and Absences

The Education Center Office Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. 


Call or Text: 505-699-7513

How to Cancel a Lesson

  • During Education Center office hours – Call or text the lessons department number at 505-699-7513 or email 

  • Weekend hours – For weekend cancellations, please call the retail store number at 505-983-5906 during the hours of 10:00-6:00 Monday through Saturday and 12:00 to 5:00 on Sunday. 

  • All other hours – Please text the lessons department at 505-699-7513.

Excused Absences for Weekly Students

Weekly students are allowed one excused absence in a calendar quarter. Quarters are as follows:


January 1st through March 31st

April 1st through June 30th

July 1st through September 30th

October 1st through December 31st


  • Students who do not call or email to cancel a lesson (no shows) will not be considered for an excused absence. 

  • Credits for excused absences notified after the billing cycle will be applied to the following month's tuition.

  • Excused absences cannot be carried over to another quarter.

  • Excused absences are provided to students enrolled in lessons on a weekly basis and participating in the Auto-Pay Program.


Teacher Cancellations

Our teaching staff is made up of professional working musicians who may sometimes travel for performances or tours. Teachers may elect to take a vacation or may become ill or injured. If your teacher is unable to teach a lesson, we will attempt to provide a substitute teacher. If a substitute is unavailable, we will provide a credit toward the next invoicing cycle.

Holidays & Store Closings

The Candyman is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter, and New Year's Day. We may also close early on Christmas Eve, Independence Day, and New Year's Eve. Any lessons falling on these holidays may automatically be rescheduled to the following week and students will not be charged for the lesson.

Inclement Weather

  • The Candyman Music Education Center follows the Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) snow/weather schedule. Tune into local radio or television programming, check the SFPS Facebook Page, or call the SFPS Weatherline at 467-3541 to verify closings due to inclement weather. The Candyman schedule is not affected by SFPS 2-hour delays, but does include all-day, early release, and after-school activity cancellations. 

  • If both teacher and student wish to take lessons in spite of the above, they may do so. In the event the schools are cancelled, released early, or evening school-related activities are cancelled, students and teachers are encouraged to contact a lesson coordinator at 505-699-7513 or to keep or cancel the lesson. If the staff does not hear from the student or teacher, they will attempt to contact them at the phone number and email provided. If a student is not able to be reached, it will be assumed that the lesson is cancelled.

  • Qualifying cancellations according to this policy will result in a credit of the lesson fee applied to the student account. Credits are not refundable, and will be applied to the following month's invoice. If no further lessons are scheduled, the credit may be applied to in-store purchases. 


  • Our studios are often booked back-to-back during peak times. We are not able to offer make-up time to students arriving late for lessons. 

  • Teachers are not required to wait more than 15 minutes past the scheduled starting time.

  • If you do have to miss a lesson on the same day the lesson is scheduled, please let us know as soon as possible by calling 505-983-5906, or calling or texting 505-699-7513.

  • Although it is perfectly fine to inform your teacher of schedule changes directly, it is the student's responsibility to inform the education staff so that they may make adjustments in the scheduling and billing records.


Scheduling Protocol and Administration/Student Communication

Discussing Schedules Directly with Your Instructor

Although it is perfectly fine to inform your teacher of schedule changes directly, it is the student responsibility to inform the administrative staff so the appropriate adjustments may be made in the scheduling and billing records. Teachers are not required to convey scheduling information from students to administration.


Administration/Student Communication

The Candyman relies heavily on email communication to convey and document student activity. In addition, The Candyman uses lessons management software that automates many tasks (including automatic email invoicing lesson reminders, announcements, etc.), via email. 


Phone and in-person communication is also utilized; however, email correspondence is used as record of conversation, bookkeeping documentation, scheduling, and reference purposes.


If students do not have an email account and/or will not agree to use email as a primary source for The Candyman music education programs, The Candyman cannot be held responsible for verbal miscommunications. No credits or reschedules will be provided to students who dispute information left on voice mails, verbally discussed over the phone or in person, without email backup.


Student Showcases

For information about our Student Showcases, please refer to the Student Showcase Page or the Student Handbook 

Contact Information

The Candyman Music Education Department

Monday through Friday

10:00AM to 5:00PM


If an education staff member is not available to personally take your call or see you in person, you may speak with the retail staff or call 505-983-5906. Most inquiries are followed-up the same day or next business day.

Make-Up Lessos
Inclement Weather
Discontinuing Lessons
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Digital Signatue for Lesson Policies

All students/parents must provide signature in agreement to the tuition and cancellation policies. Please provide a digital signature here. 

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