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The Candyman Summer Rock Camp

Rocker Code

  • Do not leave The Candyman without your instructor.

  • Treat others how you want to be treated.

  • Treat the equipment like you would treat your own.

  • Don't talk back to your instructors.

  • No noodling! (Don't play when you're not supposed to play.)

  • Negative attitude and lack of participation is not allowed. (You're here to rock and get better!)

  • No drugs, no alcohol no smoking, no exceptions.

  • Watch your language. No vulgarity or profanity.

  • As part of a band, every rocker has to attend every scheduled day.

  • Don’t Yuck My Yum - Don’t put someone down by criticizing their likes.

  • Keep the studios clean. Clean up spills, place trash and recyclables in designated containers.

  • Respect everyone’s personal bubbles.

  • Dress appropriately.


If everyone follows the Rocker Code, we promise everyone will be happy campers!

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