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Daniel Murphy's

Guitar Improvisation Master Class

Techniques, Concepts, and Refinements for Lucid and Musical Self Expression

In this master class, participants will explore musical strengths and weaknesses in a judgement-free, fun-filled learning environment. The focus will be on technique and harmonic language, with an emphasis on how to intentionally evoke specific emotions with music. 

Topics Covered


Voice Leading

Modal "Vocabulary"

Modal Mixture

Chord Substitution

"Outside" Playing

Guitar Theory vs. Music Theory

Rhythmic vs. Melodic Motif Improvisation

Diverse Approaches for Artificial and Natural Harmonics (including "Campanella" Style Arpeggiation Exercises

Chicken Pickin'/Hybrid Picking

Two-Hand Tapping

Contrary Motion

Sweep Picking/Slant Picking/Cross Picking


Much More!

Daniel Murphy is a full-time performing musician, guitar teacher, and composer. He has received multiple No. 1 awards for Best Band, Best New Band, Best Metal Band, and others from the Santa Fe Reporter's Best of Santa Fe awards. Daniel received instruction from legendary surf guitarist, Dick Dale. Since 2005, Daniel has played guitar in more than 1,500 live performances including:

Rock, Jazz, Metal, Progressive, Spanish/Classical, Folk, Country, Rap, Celtic, Middle-Eastern, Singer-Songwriter, Ambient Soundscapes, and full-length scores for modern dance choreography. 

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