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Summer Rock Camp Audition Schedules

Please use this page to schedule your 15 minute Summer Rock Camp audition. Remember to:

  • Bring your instrument!

    • Drummers only need to bring sticks.

    • Electric guitarists only need to bring guitars (we will provide cords and amps)

    • Vocalists only need to bring their voice!

  • Audition by playing or singing (or both!) a song that you know how to play/sing.

  • Don't be nervous. These auditions are not about getting accepted, they are about making sure everyone is placed in a band where they will have the best experience! 

Choose your audition time-slot below for the camp you are registered. If you are enrolled in both, you only have to audition for the June camp. If you are unable to audition on these dates, or if the camper does not live in Santa Fe, email for other arrangements. 



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