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There is no better place than Candyman for your musical needs. Friendly and helpful staff convey a true sense of community.



Exceptional service, and a jewel to have in our community. Beyond their huge amazing store, the programs they do for our youth and our community is insane! Beyond a music store, The Candyman is mecca for dreamers, artists, music lovers and enthusiasts, and anyone who loves our wonderful Santa Fe!



Everything from the gear, the events, the ukulele classes and of course the service is amazing. Me, my wife and daughter visit just about every week! Love how there is something for everyone!

"I came here with basic beginners knowledge of how to play the guitar. One of my strings had broken a couple days prior. I didn't know what kind of strings I should buy. I was helped by a nice man who was knowledgeable and knew what I needed. After buying some strings, I went and looked around the store. They have all kinds of instruments, teaching manuals, and gadgets. Pretty much anything you need is here. They also have a website that tells you what they have. I've heard that they have lessons at the store too, might be worth checking out."

"Everything that a music store should be! I'm going back today for strings and a tuner!"

"Shop local! Their prices are competitive and their stock is vast.  They even rent audio equipment and p.a.s."

"So often I go into these kind of stores and am met by a stand-off owner who hovers and acts as though they really don't want me there. Not this store. Right from the beginning, I was welcomed and encouraged to play anything. I only wish I didn't live so far away, but anytime I have the opportunity to visit them, I will. I cannot say more than that. Big fan here."

"I am very impressed with the staff at The Candyman. Each person I worked with went out of his way to help me with a complicated situation. I didn't know if my gear was working properly and so I needed guidance as to whether or not I should replace it. Sam went above and beyond the call of duty to help me assess my dilemma. I couldn't have been happier with his expertise, kindness, and patience. This store is a great asset to Santa  Fe and it would serve us to remember that when we purchase musical items at this store instead of online, we are contributing to a very fine resource."

"What a refreshing experience! Knowledgeable staff, great selection, prices that compare or BEAT Guitar Center. We came into Santa Fe on tour and I needed a variety of odd guitar picks, that even GC doesn't have in stock most of the time. They had all of what I needed and more, at a cheaper price than GC no less! If you're in Santa Fe and need a music shop, this is the place to go! Way to go Candyman! You guys understand what musicians need! We will see you next time we're in town!"

"These guys are great! I came in here to get my baby Taylor set up. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Dan helped me out and had the work done within an hour and they only charged me $15. I have never had a guitar serviced that quickly and for such a great price. While I was there I was checking out their collection of Ukuleles and ended up buying one. They helped me pick one out and informed me that I should use a humidifier here in Santa Fe due to the dry climate. All in all a great shop with a great crew."


“Great store, so much selection and good prices, you can even get private lessons and kids can go to rock camp. Sweet!”


"I can't count the number of times Candyman has saved my backside just hours before a show. They always have what I need, and on more than one occasion have even stayed open a few extra minutes so I could get there in time for some emergency gear at the last minute. The staff is always friendly and they know their stuff. Most of them perform around town in different capacities themselves, so they understand what a working musician needs. In addition to all that, they have been a huge influence in the local community, especially in regards to music education for Santa Fe's youth with awesome events like kids rock school, a drum-off, and even youth band performances from time to time. They are one of the true champions of any music scene Santa Fe may have. A five star rating isn't enough for the Candyman!"

- YELP Reviews

"This place ROCKS, if you'll pardon the pun. Everything you could possibly need to make music is here - including expert help with equipment, instruments, repairs, instruction, rentals, etc. Great used instruments, too - Candyman is the BEST."

"A superb music store! Service and the items they carry are outstanding. As a professional musician and a now retired band teacher in Santa Fe Public Schools, I was very impressed with them. I had many repairs of school-owned instruments done there and they do an outstanding job in that department as well. I never had any problems with anything there, products or service. And their support of the school music programs in Santa Fe is absolutely fabulous. I can honestly say that they are one of the finest music stores with which I've ever dealt in my 35 years as a music educator in New Mexico and Texas.​"

"This place is badass, I only spent a few minutes in there but I came in and knew exactly what I needed so I didn't really need to look around everything was easy to find. Tom was really cool, very helpful and definitely knows whatsup! Ill be back here again real soon!​"

"Son tells me he wants to join guitar club. Starts day after tomorrow he says. Need a guitar by then he tells me. I ask if he's picked one off the guitar tree from the backyard because, wtf. Walk into Candyman the next day. Tell the lady, I need two things, a guitar and an education. Don't know a thing about music, his teacher tells me this guitar is a good choice for a young beginner. Kind lady looks at my notes and agrees, 'yup that's the one I'd recommend'. Most excellent, I'll also need a case capable of surviving a thermonuclear 9yr old boy, I say. 'Got one in the back' she smiles. Totally rad. Shop here."


"Great selection, Great service, Great resources for all things music. Summer rock camp for kids is fabulous! Go check it out. You will be glad you did."

"Great selection and local know-your-name service. Top notch lessons with qualified instructors and the BEST summer rock band camp program."

"I have now bought three guitars from the Candyman over the last few years, as well as several odds and ends. The service has always been excellent. They are also not at all pushy about trying to sell you the most expensive thing (the sales people do not work on commission.) They listen to you and try to find what works for you. Definitely two thumbs up!"


“I’ve never had anything but good service and decent prices at this place. From working on my instruments to purchasing strings and everything in between, they have been friendly and professional.”

“The staff are great, very helpful. They also have a wide selection of instruments.”

“These guys are the best!”


“Everyone here is AWESOME!!! Go there for your next guitar!!”

- Google Reviews

"I was given a pair of drumsticks when I was just a niño after I beat the living crap out of all of the drums on display upstairs before they moved around the corner.. I've continued to only shop at Candyman because the staff and owners are the nicest people you'll have the pleasure to work with. They always answer questions and aren't snobs if you don't know something like a Guitar center employee. I live in Albuquerque now but when I go to Santa Fe to visit family I usually stop at Candyman if I need something... I also live 2 minutes away from guitar center so that should tell you everything you need to know.. love this place."

"The Candyman is a fantastic music store with an outstanding selection of music gear a quality staff that have earned it nationwide accolades. As a guitar freak, I am always amazed with the variety and quality of guitars, amps and accessories. The Candyman is also a great community partner and takes every opportunity to help our youth with music opportunities."

"Been shopping here 20 years and am always blown away by service, helpfulness, the care and respect with which they treat regulars (and newbies) and the complete lack of pressure. Nobody explains things that don’t need explaining, nobody makes you feel bad when you DO have questions. Can’t recommend enough."

"Great staff who are friendly, cool, and helpful. We have a 14 and a 5-year old and not once did I feel as if they were unwelcome to try out the instruments. If anything, they were encouraged to do so. A great local business."

"The Candyman Strings & Things is an awesome store run by some awesome people! If you are in the area, drop by and give them your business. You'll be glad you did!"

"Awesome people, awesome store selection, awesome customer service, awesome community supporters...need I say more??"

"They've won National Awards for their service and their store literally ROCKS! GUITARS, DRUMS AND KEYBOARDS... OH MY!! I LOVE this awesome music store. Don't buy your instruments from the internet unless you buy from Candyman Strings n Things!! Keep ma and pa in business Santa Fe!!"

"I am an international recording artist with my home base right here in Santa Fe. I love these guys! I built my recording studio strictly through Candyman and purchase all my instruments through them as well! Excellent customer service and if they don't have whatever I need in stock, they'll get it! Great knowledge on product advice! They always give me the best options based on my musical needs!"

"Brought my guitar in today because I was having an issue with it not sounding right. After speaking with Damián for a few minutes about the problem I was having, he knew exactly what needed to be done and fixed it on the spot. I walked out within 15 minutes a happy customer with a guitar that sounds awesome.
Great, friendly staff that knows much more about the care and repair of instruments than the folks at the big chain instrument dealers do."

"There is no better place than Candyman for your musical needs. Friendly and helpful staff convey a true sense of community."

"This place is amazing. They have a little of something for everyone and some specially instruments too. PA equipment rental for my friend's wedding was easy and they even served complimentary Frito pies. In addition the owners are great people who are committed to their customers and community. As a tourist in the area it was a great stop to relax and browse around."

"The Candyman is a fantastic music store with an outstanding selection of music gear a quality staff that have earned it nationwide accolades. As a guitar freak, I am always amazed with the variety and quality of guitars, amps and accessories. The Candyman is also a great community partner and takes every opportunity to help our youth with music opportunities."

"A couple of weeks ago Cindy Cook and Rand Cook and the whole team at Candyman Strings & Things did a strange but marvelous thing: they invited Santa Fe's music community to take over the Candyman parking lot for a swap/sell event. Most merchants would see this as unfair competition from the re-sale community. Candyman sees it as a way to BUILD COMMUNITY. It's just one of the many things this local business does to contribute to the local music scene.​"

"I've been buying, selling, and renting through The Candyman Strings & Things since the early 90's. They are hands-down the best musician's source in Santa Fe."

"Not only do we feel like family visiting there. But they have taken care of our girls every time we come for music equipment or extra's for their growing guitar, bass and drum equipment. Thank you for all you have done!! We visit every time we come to Santa Fe. We would visit more often if they opened a spot in Taos. The Treasaigh girls love the staff and store!!"

"Candyman Strings and Things is the best music store in New Mexico!"

"In this day and age most businesses are only concerned with how much profit they can make,it is so nice to find one that genuinely cares about their clients. What a refreshing change to do business with a place where ALL the staff and ownership take personal interest in your musical journey. As a small business owner myself I highly value businesses that go the extra mile The Candyman does. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner like myself who plays for their own personal enjoyment with no intention of ever performing in-front of an audience or a pro with regular gigs, They have the expert knowledge and equipment to help you with your personal musical journey.​"

"Terry and I feel so blessed to have this store in our community. Thanks for ALL you do, and for being such an inspiration."


"I am an international recording artist with my home base right here in Santa Fe. I love these guys! I built my recording studio strictly through #candyman and purchase all my instruments through them as well! Excellent customer service and if they don't have whatever I need in stock, they'll get it! Great knowledge on product advice! They always give me the best options based on my musical needs!"

“We are truely spoiled in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Just Simply The Best Music Store I Have Ever Had The Pleasure To Enter; Aces, Through And Through; Everything Is Just An Example Of The Fullness Of Love In The Hearts Of Rand and Cindy Cook.”

“Great Staff. Awesome Music Items. Great Classes and I have always been treated well.”

“Great store and more importantly great people!!! Santa Fe you don’t know how lucky you are!!!

“Rand and the staff have always been great to me ever since I bought my first guitar 15 years ago!”


“The Candyman is the greatest. They’re always willing to work with you and hook you up with a great deal. They reach out to the community and offer a summer rock camp. They also just won ‘Dealer of the Year’ 2014. I’ve never had a bad experience at this store thanks to the incredible staff. Keep rocking Candyman!”

“I’m glad people like you are reaching out to the community and encouraging people to play music. Not enough people do those things and it’s a shame. You guys are an inspiration.”
“Best music store ever and best of all it’s local.”

“Candyman is the best place for music lovers! Everyone there is fantastic!”

- Facebook Reviews

"Xavier my grandson has been taking piano with Justin for about a year and finally decided after a year he was serious enough to get him a keyboard. That was on Wednesday. Our house has been filled with the sound of beautiful off key notes. He was kissing his keyboard and headphones. The candyman has inspired him and brought him the biggest JOY💜. Thank you wholeheartedly to Justin and the entire candyman staff for changing one little boys life. All the encouragement light and Love have given him and my whole family a lifetime gift of music. Xxxooo"

 "This store has literally been named the best music store on earth and there's a reason: they're caring wonderful humans who run a great shop and care deeply about their customers, staff, and community. I've only known them a few years and every time I see them it's like they're family - the cool ones, not the uncle you avoid. Shop here, it's a great store.👍"​

"I'm 50 and have 7 musical daughters, your store may not carry everything I like, but it's by far the best music shop I've ever been in! Alex is 100% on the money and actually is being modest! Why do I take my family to Santa Fe a couple times a year? The candyman is the only reason. I have never been in a store that the staff wasn't either rude, pushy, condescending or just plain unknowable about anything they sold! 
The candyman, the absolute opposite! There's a small music shop in Taos but we only shop for music instruments and equipment from the candyman."

"Rand, I would just like to tell you that my Martin GPCRSGT plays heads and tails better than my old Yamaha and  the action seems just right for me and the sound is full and rich.  Thanks for spending your  time with Marty Jones and my self  Saturday, May  21.  You were very helpful in guiding me to this choice!!" - Chuck Turner

"2 days after relocating to Santa Fe, I unpacked my keyboard and it wasn't working. A quick search online pointed me to The Candyman. I drove over - walked in - and everything and everyone felt so familiar. The store it's self really impressed me, because I literally felt like I was in a cool music store in south Austin. The anxiety I walked in with fell away immediately - not only did I feel I was in good, capable hands - I felt like I was home..."


“Love ‘em! Candyman does so much to support the music scene and community here in Santa Fe. Give ‘em love! and business…”


“I knew you were the coolest store owners in Santa Fe…such good hearts.”

“Best music store EVER!”


“CANDYMAN is THE most giving place I know!”

“YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB and turning The Candyman into a community of musicians!!! Thank you for continuing and expanding the tradition at The Candyman, of course.”

“It’s ahhh, like great. Yeah, check it out. Cool.”

“The Candyman is the best place for music lovers! Everyone there is fantastic!”

“This place is awesome!”

- Emailed, Facebook and Suggestion Box Comments

"Another great rock camp, and an extraordinary Saturday performance. Pure joy!! You deserve all of the accolades you received yesterday, and more. Thanks also for being fertile ground for the other things the kids learn—beyond chords or how to tune an instrument—how to negotiate, how to be patient, how to advocate for themselves. Please let Eddie know how much we appreciate him!"

"You and yours deserve only beautiful feedback. Thank you for nurturing children and for always being inclusive. You are doing a great thing, bigger than it might appear."

"I'd like to thank you for creating such a wonderful camp experience for Sophia. She had an incredible time and learned so much in merely two weeks. As parents we were very impressed with all the extra care and thought that went into putting together all the special opportunities and events to give the campers an authentic experience."

Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this camp possible. Sophie is absolutely LOVING it! Every day she comes home happy and says its the best camp she’s ever been to. She’s learning a lot and is so inspired. You all make such an awesome difference in these little ones lives! Such a memorable and positive experience that will inspire them for the rest of their lives.”

“Thank you for the fulfilling experience your camp gave our daughter. You ignited her musical passion and gave her instincts direction, focus and encouragement – all while offering an inside look at the band industry and it’s inner workings. A superb 2 week accomplishment!! Your inspiring support of the children talent and upbeat attitude is a winning combination! Cindy, I applaud you for your visionary approach to these camps…you and your team are helping our community tremendously. She grew from this experience in such positive ways a mother truly dreams of…thank you both!!”

“My son has learned so much about music, friendship and community from your peeps. The Candyman Strings & Things is a priceless NM treasure.”

“I want you to know how much my son, Colin, enjoyed participating in the Rock Band Camp. Pablo, and your other instructors, are great professionals and are also patient and inspiring when working with the kids. The experience has really contributed to Colin’s guitar skills and confidence level– a real plus as he starts middle school in a few weeks! I really appreciate the time and hard work that you and Rand devote to making the camp a memorable experience for the kids! Colin is already planning to participate again next summer!”

“Thank you for giving the kids a great experience. I am amazed at how much you all do for the kids. It is absolutely wonderful!”

“This is an amazing experience for the kids that do your camp! As a mother of one I can’t tell you how much it has done for my daughter!! Thank you for having this awesome program!!”
“Neilly has LOVED this experience! Thanks to the incredible staff for all you give!

- Summer Rock Camp Comments

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