Manufacturer Part Number: RS885LD
Standard gauge 5-string
Long Scale
.065, .075, .100, .115, .135
Black nylon tapewound

Put Rotosound's Tru Bass 88 strings on your 5-string electric bass guitar and get the sound and feel of an upright! Particularly good on fretless bass (but also well-suited for jazz, dub, and reggae on fretted instruments), the Tru Bass 88 black nylon tapewound bass strings can be heard on such famous albums as the Beatles' Abbey Road and Lou Reed's Transformer. Tonally, the sound is similar to that of an acoustic upright bass, with a smooth feel and extremely low tension. Add a new dimension to you tonal palette, with Rotosound's Tru Bass 88s!

Rotosound Tru Bass 88 Black Nylon Long 5-String

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