Perfect for guitar, bass, keys, and more, Morley's Volume Plus pedal is a unique volume pedal that gives you the performance options you need. Its electro-optical circuitry is completely free of pots or other moving components that can wear out and become noisy. In its standard configuration, the Volume Plus acts as a regular, full-range volume pedal. An audio taper function even lets you perform violin-like audio swells. You can also set the Volume Plus's minimum volume level - perfect for going between lead and rhythm levels or for compensating between pickup settings. That makes the Morley Volume Plus pedal a valuable addition to any pedalboard.

Amazing all-purpose volume pedal that's great for guitar, bass, keys, and any other amplified instrument
Standard volume pedal mode provides full-range volume control
Audio taper function lets you perform violin-like volume swells
Switchable minimum volume is perfect for setting rhythm and lead volumes

Morley PVO+ Volume Plus Pedal

  • Height 2.75"
    Width 5.88"
    Depth 9.13"
    Weight 3.3 lbs.
    Manufacturer Part Number PVO+
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