Set of loop end, stainless steel roundwound strings. 6 pairs of unison strings for a 12-String Bajo Sexto 

1st Pair: No. BSX-1, 2 pieces LW24 (Tuned F) 
2nd Pair: No. BSX-2, 2 pieces LW36 (Tuned C) 
3rd Pair: No. BSX-3, 2 pieces LW46 (Tuned G) 
4th Pair: No. BSX-4, one piece each LW62, LW30 (Tuned D) 
5th Pair: No. BSX-5, one piece each LW78, LW36 (Tuned A) 
6th Pair: No. BSX-6, one piece each LW92, LW46 (Tuned E)

GHS Bajo Sexto 12-String Guitar String Set

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