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Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

The Candyman loves our music teachers! This is a page to share information with all teachers concisely and easily.


The Candyman Music Education Center office is open Monday thru Friday 10:00 to 5:00.

505-699-7513 or 983-5906


Each staff member at The Candyman is a valued asset and makes a significant contribution. This contribution is not limited by assigned responsibilities. The below job description is designed to outline primary duties but does not limit the employee or The Candyman to the tasks identified. It is expected that each employee will offer exemplary performance to ensure the success of the services we provide to our customers.

Music Education Teacher Job Description


Music Education Teachers (Teachers) will work directly with The Candyman private and group lessons administrators. Teachers will perform under minimal supervision. Evaluation will be based on student retention, participation in student showcases and special education events, student feedback, and ensuring studios are organized after use. The Director of Education, Cindy Cook, will oversee all facets of the private lesson program, group lessons, rock band programs, special education events, and marketing and daily operations of the department.


Essential Job Functions


Teaching Responsibilities

Teachers are provided the freedom to teach students assigned to them according to their preferred methods, always ensuring the following standards are met. Teachers will:


  • Plan and prepare lessons in relation to individual student needs.

  • Motivate students and encourage progress.

  • Communicate goals and progress with parents of young students to assist in identifying ways they may aid in the success of the student.

  • Participate in student showcases by encouraging student performances.

    • Teachers may encourage their students to perform with other students and provide students the opportunity to collaborate with one another.

    • Teachers may also collaborate with other teachers and students.

  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to the agreed lesson start time and end the lesson on time.

  • Maintain the highest professional standards and ethics.

  • Be sensitive to hygiene (e.g., body odor and breath) and appearance (e.g., no printed vulgarity on clothing, no revealing clothing, etc.).




  • The Candyman will provide teachers with equipment, resources, and materials for use in lessons taught through The Candyman. 

  • Teachers are welcome to use their own resources, but additional teaching materials:

    • Must be acquired by working with The Candyman music education department staff and/or floor staff rather than a competitor or online resource.

    • In the event The Candyman does not carry a specific product, other providers may be considered and will be procured by a music education staff member.

    • In the event teachers require their students to purchase a music book or other item for their lesson, teachers will refer students to a floor-staff member for purchase from The Candyman.

    • Teachers should work directly with Tom, the book department manager, to ensure books assigned to students are always in stock.

    • If a student is looking to purchase books, instruments, supplies, etc., or is looking for additional services as offered by The Candyman (e.g., repairs), Teachers will encourage the student to patronize The Candyman for their purchase or service.


Studio Maintenance


  • Teachers will ensure studios are left neat and organized after use (even if they will return after another teacher/student occupies the studio) as follows:

    • Ensure trash/recyclables are placed in appropriate bins.

    • Arrange chairs and music stands neatly and orderly.

    • Erase dry-erase boards.

    • Return borrowed stock to the sales floor (if after hours, place borrowed equipment in Cindy’s office).

    • Return worksheets, sheet music, books, writing utensils, etc. taken from the Resource Center.

    • Turn off lights, heaters, fans, etc.

  • Teachers will report incidents of the studios not being left in proper condition to an education staff member.


Administrative Responsibilities

  • Teachers are responsible for checking their schedules daily so as to not miss a lesson a student has shown up for.

  • If students discuss schedule changes or absences directly with the Teacher, the Teacher will inform students upon initiation of such conversations that any billing or scheduling information will be discussed between The Candyman music education staff and the student/parent.

  • Teachers will provide The Candyman with days and times available to teach. If these times change, the Teachers will notify The Candyman music education staff as soon as possible. 

  • Teachers will be familiar with Copyright Law and will not infringe. (Information is available in the business office.)

  • Teachers shall become familiar with The Candyman Student Handbook, to understand communication between The Candyman and students. 

  • Teachers shall alert a music education administrator immediately in the event of student tardiness or missed lesson. Teachers are not required to wait for tardy students for more than 15 minutes after the scheduled lesson start time.

  • Teachers shall not teach lessons arranged by The Candyman in the student’s homes or in the Teacher’s residence.

  • If Teachers are unable to teach a lesson(s), they must notify a music education staff member as soon as possible. It is understood that some circumstances may not be foreseen as in the matter of illness or injury.

    • Teachers should keep in mind that inconsistent availability prevents a consistent relationship between The Candyman, the Teacher, and students. Inconsistent availability prevents continuity of lessons which inhibits student success. Teachers who demonstrate a commitment and loyalty to The Candyman music education program and its students will be considered first when assigning new students.


Non-Disclosure / Non-Solicitation

All Teachers have agreed, as a condition of employment, that students recruited by The Candyman are students of The Candyman, while being taught directly by the Teacher as an employee of The Candyman. An employee, whether currently employed or a former employee of The Candyman, shall not directly or indirectly through other individuals or entities: 

  • Advise, refer, or in any way solicit or encourage any client of The Candyman to discontinue, divert, or curtail their business with The Candyman.

  • Canvass or solicit any business from clients of The Candyman with respect to services that are substantially the same as, or substitutes for, the services sold or being contemplated by The Candyman.

  • Assist or encourage any individual or entity to solicit clients of The Candyman, where such individual or entity is engaged in whole or in part in the business of The Candyman

Job Description
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